Business Owners and HR Professionals

Let us help you develop a benefits plan that provides value and peace of mind for your employees and their families. We understand the importance of finding the right benefits plan for your company. With our years of experience in the benefits marketplace; we’re here to:

  • make the process as easy as possible
  • help you find a plan that meets the needs of your employees and fits within your budget
We have a wide variety of plans to choose from, so you can:
  • find the perfect fit for your company
  • give your employees top-notch customer service
  • access an extensive network of doctors and hospitals

Employee Centered

Insurance Options

Insurance packages are customized to provide the best benefits to your employees, which can help you attract and retain top talent. We proudly offer one-on-one employee training, and we answer employee questions directly, so it’s easy for everyone to understand exactly what is in their policy.





From health insurance to dental, vision, maternity leave, and more, we offer a complete range of benefits that can be mixed and matched according to your needs and your budget.




We offer a range of comprehensive options that can provide your employees with access to an extensive network of doctors and hospitals. That way your employees can get care when and where they need it.




We take a personalized approach to group insurance, which means getting to know your business inside and out. We can customize your policies to ensure your business is compliant with local regulations.


Customize a group benefits package that works for your business and your employees.


Experienced Support

With over 5 years of experience in the benefits industry, and having helped thousands of policy holders, Brite Side Benefits can help you choose the health insurance package that’s right for your business.

Easy Enrollment

Your benefits expert makes managing a health insurance package easy. Not only do they serve as your single point of contact, but they also do all of the paperwork and admin so you don’t have to.

Comprehensive Service

We will provide you and your employees with support through a company-branded enrollment and education platform, as well as offering one-on-one employee education opportunities.